November 6, 2010

Gabi Shull & Chaya Fischman: July 26th, 2010

Gabi & Chaya's wedding was a lot of fun!
They are such loving and sincere people. They love to have fun and pose for the camera -I love that! It's so nice to have a couple who really enjoys taking pictures and wants to have fun.
We had a blast taking pictures -especially Gabi! Boy, what a character that one is! We definitely had lots of laughs!
Chaya was so calm and trusting -she was just so happy to be getting married! She looked absolutely gorgeous in her wedding gown!
The wedding was held at the BAYT Synagogue in Thornhill. The decor was amazingly gorgeous! I had to add a few of the decor shots in the slideshow -I loved the colour combinations!

One thing that I thought was so sweet of Gabi to do for Chaya was sing for her right before they were about to come in for the dancing and at the head table during the meal -so cute!
All in all it was a wonderful event that Bernard & I were so grateful to be a part of.

Click on their photo below to view the slideshow of some of my favourite shots: Enjoy! :)

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